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2019 STEP NZ

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TOPIC: Being a Trustee in Today’s Climate: The Tax, The Risks,The Dangers.
DATE: 9 October 2019
TIME: 1:00pm to 5:00pm, followed by Drinks & Dinner
VENUE: Wintergarden Room, The Northern Club, 19 Princes Street, Auckland

This mini conference addresses how trustees and advisors navigate the 21st century complexities of dealing with the resentments and needs of beneficiaries; the ever changing tax and regulatory environment, whilst juggling the roles and responsibilities within a trust structure.

Conference Speakers: 
  • Suzanne Robertson QC, Bankside Chambers
    'Beware Unhappy Beneficiaries'
  • Greg Kelly, Partner, Greg Kelly Law
    'Trustee costs & Trustees rights of indemnities; including Beddoes applications’ 
  • Jared Ormsby, Barrister, Plymouth Chambers
    Who am I acting for? – Advising parties on contentious trust matters or where conflicts may exist'
  • Stephen Tomlinson, Principal, Tomlinson Law
    'Trust Resettlements – Tax Implications' 
Conference Registration Fees: 

STEP Member Rate only –  $NZ 220.00 +GST
STEP Member Rate including dinner  – $NZ 310.00 +GST

Non Member Rate only  –  $NZ 300.00 +GST
Non Member Rate including dinner  – $NZ 390.00 +GST

Audio link for out-of-town attendees

Can’t make it to the conference? Now you can hear the speaker’s presentations and view their slides live via audio web link. Simply register and you will be emailed a link.

WEB STREAMING REGISTRATION FEE : Live weblink to presenter’s audio and slides.

(This link is for paid attendees only, and not to be distributed. NOTE: Only available to attendees who are not in Auckland)

Member Rate  – $NZ 205.00 +GST 

Non Member Rate  – $NZ 285.00 +GST

Register Online Now or click here to download the brochure for additional program information and paper registration form.

For any other information, please contact Megan Llewellyn +64211895546 or via email:

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