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STEP conferences are an opportunity for Members to learn about topical issues that affect inheritance and succession planning. Members can also network and relax afterwards at the social events.


2023 STEP Conference​

An Ever Changing World - Topical Trust Issues


DATE: Friday, 8th September 2023

TIME: 9:00am to 5:30pm 

A D Regatta Room, The Pullman Hotel,
Corner Princes Street & Waterloo Quadrant,
Auckland City 1010

The area of trusts & estates and personal wealth protection is constantly evolving and changing. The diversity of topics provided by our speakers for this year’s STEP Conference reflect this evolution. STEP NZ is proud to present an eclectic selection of leading lawyers who will deliver thought provoking and forward looking papers, addressing not only where the law is now, but where the law may be heading.

  • Professor Gino Dal Pont, University of Tasmania
  • Georgia Angus TEP, Partner, Morris
  • Noel Ingram KC
  • Juliet Moses TEP, Partner, TGT Legal
  • Carmel Walsh, Barrister, Bankside Chambers
  • Bill Gambrill, Litigator, Martelli McKegg
  • Andrew Steele TEP, Barrister
  • Vicki Ammundsen TEP, Director, Ammundsen Trust Law
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2021 STEP Conference


New Zealand is the number one country for express trusts per head of population, but with this comes downsides.


This livestreamed online conference addressed the vulnerabilities of Trustees, Beneficiaries and their Advisers, and the ethical dilemmas confronting them. It also poses the question of whether trusts as we know and use them may, under the new Trustee Act, become obsolete. Register to listen to our distinguished speakers imparted their knowledge on a variety of topics, as they posed questions about the future of Trust law in New Zealand.


The Honorable Justice KÓs

Lady Chambers QC, Bankside Chambers

Professor Kate Diesfield, AUT

Jeremy Johnson, Barrister, Bankside Chambers

Janna McGuigan, Barrister, Canterbury Chambers

Nathaniel Walker, Partner, Russell McVeagh

Jess Keating, Partner, Kennedys’ Law

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2019 STEP Mini-Conference


This mini conference addresses how trustees and advisors navigate the 21st century complexities of dealing with the resentments and needs of beneficiaries; the ever changing tax and regulatory environment, whilst juggling the roles and responsibilities within a trust structure.


Suzanne Robertson, QC
Greg Kelly, Principal, Greg Kelly Law 
Jared Ormsby, Barrister
Stephen Tomlinson, Principal, Tomlinson Law

Download the Conference Brochure

2018 STEP Conference

TRUSTEES: Are You Properly Managing The Risks of Litigation and Compliance Penalties?  

Trustees are under increasing risk of potential litigation from co-trustees, beneficiaries and interested parties, not to mention exposure to penalties for non-compliance with regulatory obligations under AML, CRS and FATCA. 
Recent case law, tax/regulatory compliance developments and impending changes to legislation are enabling an expanded group of parties to question trustee decision making and penalise trustees for non-compliance. 
This conference covered various common law and legislative changes putting trustees and practitioners at risk.



Mark Herbert QC, UK: A fond farewell to Rolls-Royce trust litigation?

Paul Heath QC, New Zealand: Trusts and Dispute Resolution

David Marks QC, Australia: Liquidators of Corporate Trustees – Australian Themes

Noel Ingram QC, TEP New Zealand: Seeking the Court’s Blessing in New Zealand: In re PV Trust Services Limited

Professor Nicola Peart, Faculty of Law, University of Otago: When is a Trust a Trust? The Validity of Trusts and their Interface with Relationship Property Law

Jeremy Johnson TEP, Partner, Wynn Williams: Beddoes Applications in Trustee/Beneficiary Disputes – Process and Principles

Vicki Ammundsen, TEP Director, Vicki Ammundsen Trust Law Ltd: How to decide - A critical assessment of the exercise of trustee discretion and matters for trustees to take into account when making decisions

Gary Hughes,Barrister: Update on AML

Terry Baucher TEP, Director, Baucher Consulting Ltd.: Accounting Issues for Cyber-Currency

Matthew Griffin, Blockchain NZ: Blockchain - what is it? And why would you want to own it?

Rebecca Rose, Senior Associate, Bell Gully: Trustees and dissatisfaction - what lessons can be learned from recent cases?

Jack Wass, Barrister, Stout Street Chambers: The multi-jurisdictional trap: drafting wills and trust documents to manage cross-border issues

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2017 STEP Mini-Conference

The Onus is on Trustees: Sheltering from the Storm 

Trustees are facing increased scrutiny from beneficiaries, with litigation becoming the choice of many persons unhappy with the decision making of the discretionary Trustee, or the will maker. This mini-conference looked at litigation arising from Trusts and Estates and the issues arising for Trustees and Advisors; estate planning in a global context, and updates on the Trust Bill. 

The Honourable John Fogarty QC: Practitioners approach to trusts and the litigation that is now arising around trusts

Vanessa Bruton QC: Green lessons for practitioners

Bill Patterson, Partner, Patterson Hopkins: Trust Bill Update

Download the Conference Brochure

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