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STEP Conference 2023 Presents Bill Gambrill;

'An Introduction to the Determination of Matters Governed by Islamic Law in Common Law Legal Systems'

STEP NZ is delighted to have Bill Gambrill, Special Counsel at Martelli McKegg present his topic 'An Introduction to the Determination of Matters Governed by Islamic Law in Common Law Legal Systems' at the STEP Conference, Friday 8th September. Come and join us as we hear Bill and our other speakers share their thought provoking presentations addressing the ever changing practice of trust law. Register today to secure your spot!

'All Islamic law ultimately has its source in Shari’a, the immutable precepts which Muslims should follow in all aspects of their lives. Shari’a has been developed and augmented by fiqh, which comprises human understanding of the Shari’a. Islamic law is potentially applicable to all aspects of life. There can be misunderstanding of what the application of Islamic law in other legal systems could entail. Although Bill professes no expertise in Islamic law, Bill will offer some observations on his experience practising in Dubai, and how issues of Islamic law could arise. Bill will also identify some instances in which Islamic law issues could arise before the New Zealand Courts in a range of fields and how the New Zealand Courts may deal with those issues, including reference to inheritance and family property matters.

Bill Gambrill is a special counsel at Martelli McKegg. Bill was admitted in New Zealand in 1992, and has practised in the field of commercial litigation in firms in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. Between 2005 and 2019, Bill practised in Dubai, working on a number of matters involving aspects of Islamic law. These matters included a substantial claim in the Dubai specialist common law courts which had been brought under Saudi law, disputes over Islamic financing agreements, and succession and inheritance issues. In the course of working in Dubai’s common law and civil law jurisdictions, Bill observed how the respective legal systems responded to questions of Islamic law as they arose.


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