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STEP Conference presents Vicki Ammundsen & Andrew Steele;

'A post Supreme Court hearing analysis of A, B and C v D and E Limited and fiduciary relationships'

At the upcoming STEP Conference, taking place Friday 8th September, Vicki Ammundsen & Andrew Steele TEP will present their topic 'A post Supreme Court hearing analysis of A, B and C v D and E Limited and fiduciary relationships'. We are delighted to announce that David Marks KC from Australia, has kindly agreed to act as the moderator for this discussion, this should be a robust and stimulating presentation not to be missed! Registrations are still open, so secure you seat today!!

'Do parents owe fiduciary duties to their children and does a parent who physically and/or mentally abuses their child breach those duties. Do such duties subsist only when the children are young and in the parents’ direct care, or do they extend beyond and when the children become adults and are no longer in their parents’ direct care? Do parents also or otherwise owe fiduciary duties to their children who have on-going special needs regardless of the cause of such needs? If fiduciary duties exist and are breached, then what are the consequences. The role of the Family Protection Act 1955 and can trusts can be used to thwart claims for damages or applications for relief under the Family Protection Act?'

Vicki Ammunsden BSc, BCom, LLB, TEP, is the director of Vicki Ammundsen Trust Law Limited, a general practice law firm with a particular focus on wills, estates, trusts and law of equity. Vicki, adopts a practical approach to trust and estate matters utilising her extensive experience advising on all aspects of trusts and trust law.

Andrew Steele A barrister specialising in family trust and estate disputes, including court proceedings, arbitrations and mediations. Andrew regularly appears as lead counsel in the District and High Courts, the Employment Relations Authority and Employment Court. He also appeared as Lead Counsel in the leading Fiduciary Law case: A, B and C v D & E Ltd SC 106/2022. He has made multiple appearances in the Court of Appeal in Auckland and Wellington and has represented clients in a variety of trust and estates proceedings and disputes, as well as commercial and property disputes and employment relationship problems


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