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Trust litigation - Wynn Williams Seminar!

Wynn Williams is a full-service law firm with one of the strongest dispute resolution teams in New Zealand. Our lawyers are nationally and internationally recognised in Legal 500 and Chambers& Partners. We offer the following half day training session in Auckland and Christchurch: 16th April in Auckland & 30th April, Christchurch

8.45-9am Registration & Welcome

9.10-10.00am Session One: The corporate trustee safety net Ñ the benefits and detriments of appointing corporate trustees from a director liability perspective

¥ Trust structuring do's and don'ts.

¥ If a corporate trustee commits a breach of trust where does the liability fall?

¥ Derivative actions. ¥ A review of the case law, here and abroad.

10.00-10.50am Session Two: Sham and non-existent trusts post-Pugachev and Clayton

¥  What is the law on sham trusts in England, Australia and New Zealand?

¥  Is there a difference in approach between jurisdictions?

¥  For New Zealand based trusts when does a settlor have too much power?

¥  Can you 'correct the imbalance' and conjure up a trust?

11.10-12noonSession Three: Who should pay, and when?

¥  The appropriate categorisation of trust proceedings.

¥  Beddoe applications

¥  Navigating the correct procedural path.

¥  Tips for applicants and respondents.

12noon-12.40pm Session Four: Practical problems

¥ A series of case studies will be discussed by the group

12.40-1.30pm: Training concludes and light lunch served

Full details for each session can be found here:

If you would like to register for any of these sessions please visit our website and register online or email


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